CHEYENNE I’m the horse That I ride And the wind That blows in my face I am the bow I pull tight and the arrow I aim At my prey I am the prey That I kill And the meat … Continue reading

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MUSE I intensely enjoyed Writing poems About you With you By you My dear great Faceless muse And In poetry I can find Some peace of mind Because then I am Near to you And I accept That dreadful event … Continue reading

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Transactional Analysis

TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS, egostates Eric Berne is the founder of transactional analysis. He developed this model in the fifties of the past age. He discovered three kinds of human behavior, called ego-states. It is about the behavior of the (inner) Child, … Continue reading

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Moral Philosophy

MORAL PHILOSOPHY & NEW AGE The new definitions that focus on the difference between the Old and the New World are well developed in my second book, “Quantum Transactional Analysis and  New Age”, in Chapter 2, which is about “Moral … Continue reading

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