Quantum Transactional Analysis


Quantum thinking goes as such. In our third dimensional, sensory world (maya) there is no objectivity, no facts, and no truth. When we look at the world, we first filter it by the restrictions of our senses (to see, to hear, to feel, to smell, to taste), and what rests (maya), we filter for the second time by the restrictions of our script convictions, meaning that there only exist perceptions, projections and interpretations. When you understand this, all credibility of the so called objective, scientific research, based on the mental “thinking” of academics, fades away. Science on his turn becomes a church with his own doctrines and dogmas. Autonomous, independent, free humans do not longer believe in the “truth” and the “proves” of the so called scientists. They do not allow any longer that others imply their dogmas. They refuse to learn matter, dictated by scientists or politicians, by heart, in order to reproduce it, with the intention to get degrees. They do not believe anything. They examine the matter in a subjective phenomenological way, als called qualitative investigation, meaning that they only trust on their own experiences, intuitions and inspirations. Intuitions are impulses from your Higher Self and the Field (quantum field of zero point energy). Intuitions work through the (inner) Child that dwells in your body, namely the autonomous nervous system (ANS). This we call the intelligence of the body, or sixth sense. Subjective, phenomenological research is not an easy thing, because intuitions and inspirations are easily contaminated by our script creeds. A free (liberal) thinker has to learn to make the difference between the impulses from the old script programs and the pure, real intuitions from the Higher Self. That is why it is so important to transform your script and to evolve to autonomy and freedom. This is called the process of individuation. So, you become a liberal. Then you are a free thinker. Only then you are free and able to create your own reality.

Anne Wuyts is the inventor of the quantum transactional analysis. With a joke she calls herself MQTA (mother of quantum transactional analysis). TA is a humanistic concept that helps people in their processes to autonomy and freedom. QTA is a concept that invites you to make a step further into deepening. In 2011 Anne published an article in “Strook”, the member’s journal of NVTA and VITA, both associates of TA in the Netherlands and in Flanders, titled: Quantum Transactional Analysis and Spirituality, the way to more freedom (autonomy) by transforming your script in the quantum field of zero point energy. In the meanwhile this article is transformed into a real book. In this book Anne likes to share her experiences, convictions, opinions, hopes, fantasies and outcomes…. with an even greater public. In the meanwhile more books are published.

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