Anne Wuyts is a therapist since 1988. She likes to call her practice “LIFE SCHOOL” and she sees herself more as a teacher or a life coach. She also likes to call herself a burnout coach and a stress counsellor.  She calls her clients the questioners or the investigators. You can contact her with all sorts of questions, problems and obstacles that life itself offers so generous in order to invite you to grow to more autonomy, maturity and freedom. In other words, to develop your personality. Anne will facilitate the asker for help with his introspection by exploring together the systems that repeat themselves again and again (script behavior). The script of the inquirer will be mapped and transformed down to the cellular level. Now the researcher requesting assistance can take back his life into his own hands and start manifesting its own realities, by making his own decisions, by making his own choices and by defining his own life. The result is more self-esteem, a higher self-image and more self-love. And so he will experience more joy of life and more job-satisfaction. Here we speak of a rather cognitive approach and the offered frameworks are those of  Transactional Analysis (see blog) and Quantum Transactional Analysis. If necessary, old traumas will be examined and healed with trauma healing, cranio and reiki. The intention is that the researcher says goodbye to the survival mode and starts enjoying his life. From 2021 onwards, guidance will be purely cognitive and via video conference or in writing.

Heavy pathological script behavior can be expressed in addictions, or survival systems caused by a low self-esteem or a lack of contact with yourself, such as: Endless processes of mourning / Depressions / Burn out / Identity crises / Anorexia / Bulimia / Obesity / Other food addictions / Compulsive behavior / Drugs / Smoking / Alcohol abuse / Computer games / sexually abnormal behavior / Relationship problems / Aggressive behavior / Submissive behavior / Performance anxiety / Victimization / Perpetrator / Phobia / And so on

Anne Wuyts will invite you in a soft and gentle way to make contact with your wounded inner Child. She will encourage you to take leave from the love and care you did not obtain as a child, even when you where entitled to it for the simple reason you are born here on earth as a human being, and to mourn. She will invite you to adopt your inner Child, to take it on your lap and to love it unconditionally (reparenting). Sometimes we have to deal with very early development trauma. Preverbal trauma’s damage the limbic system (mammal brain). That is why the healing process is supported by Hahnemannian unitarian homeopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and constellation work. These applications help to transform, with wide awake awareness, the harmful surviving decisions, which are stored in the cell memory (script).

Anne Wuyts calls herself a “healer” and an “artist”. She facilitates people in finding their way by offering different frames of reference. Transactional analysis is one of them. She also knows about gestalt, Jungian analytical therapy (analysis of works of art, symbols, dreams… of her inquiring clients.) Sometimes she works with the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner or with Reichian bodywork.

People that are accompanied by Anne learn to broaden their frames of reference. In that way, they learn to look in a different way at their life, so they can transform their past, their present and their future and this has an healing effect. People get inspired to give up their old restricting script creeds and to develop their free, liberal thinking. They are invited to give up their childish dependency and to grow to mature, autonomous, self-governing, free individuals. Free thinkers. Liberals.

Here you find a picture representing the transforming process. You can find more information in her books.

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